About The Author

The Author, who doesn’t entirely wish to be public, is a current student of counter terrorism, politics, and security. Coming from a Neoconservative political view, the author realizes that much of what he believes and writes regarding security will be disagreed with, and that is perfectly fine.

The purpose of this blog is to provide updates on topical security and terrorism related matters, and to serve as an outlet for my musings on the topic.It is my hope that you find this resource somewhat useful as an informal view of complex topics, which I do not claim to be any form of expert in, or hold any wildly secret knowledge about. My knowledge has come from years of research and study into the topic, combined with a variety of unique opportunities, both in employment and in my personal life, to come into contact with these issues.

Please Note: I may occasionally reference, link to, or discuss information which can be classified as being extremist in nature. It is not my intention to promote or condone this in any way (in fact, the opposite is true). At times, in order to analyze a full picture, one must read all sides of an argument. I trust that readers will utilize any resources available wisely, and in a manner which promotes discussion and learning of the issue.


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